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Former Middlesboro woman found dead in Louisville, neighbors suggest boyfriend to blame

From WAVE 3 Louisville -

Amanda Berry - picture submitted by friend

Investigators say 33-year-old Amanda Berry's body had been in a Parkland home’s basement for quite some time before it was discovered by police on Wednesday night January 29, 2020. (Berry is formerly of Middlesboro Kentucky)

WAVE 3 News spoke to several people who live on Virginia Avenue on Friday, who described warning signs that something terrible was about to happen in the home. Strange behaviors are starting to make sense for neighbors who often saw Berry when she was alive.

Neighbors said Berry, was quiet and kept to herself except when with her boyfriend. They said she was often heard crying for help.

Berry's residence as seen on WAVE 3

One neighbor recalled seeing Berry running down the street and screaming as her boyfriend chased after her.

Another neighbor said they saw the man Berry was living with choking her and yell that he was going to kill her.

Several people living in the Virginia Avenue area told WAVE 3 News Berry’s boyfriend killed her dog and broke her belongings.

People who used to see Berry daily said they hadn’t seen her in at least a month before her body was found. Her boyfriend told neighbors he didn’t know where she was.

The Louisville Metro Police Department could not confirm to WAVE 3 News if there were ever domestic issues or other incidences reported out of Berry’s home.

LMPD investigators have not revealed if there are suspects in the case or if any arrests have been made.

Berry was still in Bell County as of March 2018. Court records show she had recently been released from the Jefferson County Kentucky jail in December of 2019. It has not been made public as to when she moved to Louisville.

Several of her friends in Bell County and Middlesboro reached out to WRIL in regard to this story. We have reached out to Louisville Homicide Detective Tony Summerall in charge of the investigation for more details.

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