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Funding gone for National Park - Tennessee



GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WATE) - Temporary funding for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park provided by the Great Smoky Mountains Association is slated to run out at sunset on Tuesday, Jan. 1.

The funding had been implemented to keep park visitor centers open as the federal government entered a partial government shutdown on the night of Friday, Dec. 20 when the House and Senate failed to reach a deal with President Donald Trump over federal funding that included the southern border wall.

National park funding was impacted in the partial federal government shutdown.

"During the remainder of the shutdown, Great Smoky Mountains National Park employees will be unable to operate campgrounds, picnic areas, restrooms or trash collection services," a Facebook post from GSMA states. "As there are no visitor services at this time, please practice Leave No Trace principals to help protect park resources."

Other national parks across the country are already seeing the negative impacts of the shutdown, with issues arising with garbage, feces and illegal off-roading that cannot be monitored by park employees since they have been furloughed.

As for GSMNP, roads and trails that are seasonally open will remain accessible to visitors, weather permitting. See this page for more information on what visitors can still access amid the shutdown and weather conditions.

For updated road information, please call 865.436.1200; once you hear a voice, dial extension 631.

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