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Hospital closing closer than ever - city not willing to risk taxpayer money after no assurances

Updated: May 29, 2019

From WRIL -

Today (Tuesday May 28, 2019) Pineville City Council met in a special called meeting to discuss what their role would be in trying to keep the struggling Southeastern Kentucky Medical Center afloat.

Within minutes of the meeting’s start the council went into executive session due to litigation issues.

Once the council emerged they made a motion to adjourn after making a decision on which direction to take regarding the facility.

Mayor Scott Madon gave WRIL this statement:

“At this time the council has chosen not to take any action in reference to the hospital. We learned today that the assurances we thought we had for lien priority for us to inject money was not going to be there. So with no possible way to have a lien on the facility or the assets, it would be hard for us to just put up the money.

Even from the attorney’s side, they advised we were really taking a risk on it. The city is still willing to work with anybody that is willing to come in and help the hospital, we’ll do our part. We still hope that something can happen.

My understanding from the hospital staff right now is that the board for Southeastern Kentucky Medical is meeting to decide it’s future, not sure what that will be. I am very concerned at this point what’s going to happen with the hospital. Until their board meets and makes some decisions that’s about all we will say right now. “

The mayor went on to say he would be issuing a formal statement in reference to the hospital and the actions they will be taking shortly. He ended by saying without some assurances it is “hard for us to step up and put the money in.”

As we told you over the weekend, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reversed their 10 day stay from May 15th, a day early, on Friday the 24th and terminated the hospital’s agreement for issues involving a governing body, quality assessment and performance improvement, and nursing services.

Employees still left at the hospital are going on eight weeks without being paid while skeleton crews were paid with cashiers checks to cover weekend shifts again.

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