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Husband arrested in death of wife - Claiborne County, Tn.

From the Claiborne County Sheriff's Department

Bradley Duncan, Detective - Criminal Investigations Division

Bill J. Smith

On Tuesday morning, January 1st, 2019, EMS and Claiborne County Sheriff's Officers responded to the Smith Residence on Sunset Lane in New Tazewell on reports of an apparent suicide. Detectives with the Claiborne County Criminal Investigations Division were also dispatched to the scene.

During the preliminary scene investigation, it was discovered that 50 year old Michelle Renee Smith had been shot and killed; however, the evidence discovered during the initial investigation suggested that the gunshot wound was unlikely to have been self-inflicted.

Following the interview of witnesses, who were present at the time of Smith's death, the victim's husband, 43 year old Bill J. Smith was arrested and is currently being held at the Claiborne County Jail on the charge of Criminal Homicide.

Michelle Renee Smith was a paramedic for Claiborne County.

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