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Knox County Health Department announces 5 COVID-19 related deaths at a nursing home

From the KCHD -

KCHD Public Health Director Rebecca Rains stated in a press release that in conjunction with Christian Health Center, Corbin there have been five deaths at the facility which are the first deaths Knox County is reporting linked to COVID-19.

The release continues: "Of the five deaths. four were previously hospice or comfort care patients before contracting the virus which allows for caring for any pain and attending to their emotional and spiritual needs at the end of life. All were over age 85 and had advanced heart failure or advanced Alzheimer's disease. The fifth resident was 96 years old and had advanced Alzheimer's disease. All five residents and families were aware of their natural decline in health prior to the virus outbreak."

CEO & President of the facility Mary Lynn Spalding was quoted as saying: "Any death is a tragedy and the loss is felt by family, friends and our staff. The Christian Health Center is a critical part of our region's healthcare system and we appreciate the support and prayers from the community as we work diligently to combat the virus"

She when on to say that: "as a faith-inspired team, we will most assuredly come out stronger on the other side of this and everyone has out commitment to always communicate and be diligent in our care."

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