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Knox County Ky. deputy jailer jailed in the jail he is a jailer accused of road rage

From The Mountain Advocate -

James Travis Partin - KCDC

An apparent case of road rage has resulted in a Knox County Deputy Jailer being arrested and charged with wanton endangerment - 1st degree.

Knox County Deputy Jailer James Travis Partin is accused of running a motorcycle off the road and pointing a gun at the head of a man who tried to confront him seconds later.

On Tuesday afternoon, June 25th at approximately 1:58 p.m. the Barbourville Police Department received a call stating that an individual driving a yellow Chevrolet Avalanche had ran a motorcycle off the road. The caller also stated that the driver of the Avalanche pointed a handgun at another subject.

The victim, identified as Shane Williamson, followed the vehicle to the Barbourville Police Department and told officers that Partin had ran his friend off the road onto the median. Williamson then stated that he pulled up to Partin’s vehicle at a red light at the intersection of KY11N to tell him to get off the phone and that he had wrecked his buddy. He stated that Partin then allegedly pointed a handgun described as a black Glock, at the victim’s head.

After being read his rights, Partin told police that he felt threatened and pulled the gun, but didn’t point it at anybody. Both the victim and the other individual that was involved had consistent stories, including the color of the gun.

Partin was booked into the Knox County Detention Center and released shortly afterward on a $10,000 security bond. He is scheduled to appear in the Knox County District Court on Thursday, June 27, 2019.

Partin is under the direct supervision of Knox County Jailer Mary Hammons, not the sheriff's department.

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