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Knox County Sheriff's Office searching for a missing woman


44-year-old Shannon Harkins Wombles was last seen at her home on Evergreen Road in Flat Lick on December 28.

We are told Womble's family reported her missing after learning only a few days ago that she was gone.

Wombles' son said he is very worried that something bad has happened to his mom.

"Everything looked normal and, right after her boyfriend went to jail, she went missing," said Matthew Smith.

Smith said his mother was in a bad relationship with her boyfriend and during that time, she was not allowed to contact her son. Police said they learned Wombles was missing when they looked into an abandoned car owned by Wombles and her boyfriend. The car was discovered January 8.

Smith said the car was in bad shape and he does not believe his mom would leave it that way.

"Car was found with the rugs ripped up in it, and the carpet. Her clothes were scattered all over the back seat," said Smith.

Smith said no one knew Wombles was missing until her boyfriend was released from jail two days ago and the abandoned car was returned to him.

Police have searched the car for clues and will interview other people Wombles may have been with. Smith said he searched all the places she could be and there was no sign of her.

Wombles is 5'2" and weighs about 90 pounds. Police said they want to question the boyfriend but have not named him a person of interest in the case.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

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