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Knox County store broken into - alleged stolen Pineville church van used in the theft

From The News Journal -

An investigation is ongoing into a break in at a family-owned deli market in Gray that occurred overnight.

Cope’s Grocery and Deli, at the corner of Calvary Church Rd. and KY1232, was broken into early Friday morning by several unidentified individuals using a full-size van and metal chain to pull the doors open, according to security camera photos and videos posted by the store’s owners on Facebook.

The video shows one individual fastening the chain around the doors of the store, which is already fasted to the rear bumper of the van. The van then pulls away quickly, pulling the door from its hinges and sending glass and other debris flying. The individual who fastened the chain is then seen running into the store.

According to the Facebook posts, an ATM inside the business was broken into, but no other items were stolen during the break in. “They were only in the store for like 10 seconds,” said the post by Shadanna Cope.

The van used in the break-in was allegedly stolen from a church in Pineville.

The News Journal has reached out to the owners for further comment, but have yet to receive a response. Officials with the Knox County Sheriff’s Department stated that the incident was still under investigation and that no further details could be shared.

If anyone has any further details regarding the break-in, contact the Knox County Sheriff’s Department at 606-546-3181.

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