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Ky Transportation Cabinet warns of restrictions on election signs, ads in roadside right of ways

From The News Journal -

With the election season reaching its peak, officials at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet emphasized that no signage is permitted on the right of way along state–maintained roadways.

Officials noted that includes U.S. and Kentucky highway routes.

Officials explained that work crews are in the process of the completing the final mowing cycle of the year.

“Crews will not mow around illegally placed items. They will be removed,” officials stated. In addition to election signs, officials explained that yard sale and real estate advertising are common at this time of year.

“Illegally placed materials along roads can create additional hazards by blocking sight distance or distracting drivers, particularly at intersections,” officials noted.

In addition, officials stated that it is illegal to attach items such as flyers, posters, balloons or streamers to stop signs, highway markers or any other road sign or utility pole.

Removed items will be taken to each county’s transportation cabinet maintenance facility and temporarily held to permit the owners to come by and claim them. Unclaimed items will be trashed or recycled.

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