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Laurel Co deputy resigns after not arresting intoxicated man involved in crash


Lack of action by a Laurel County Sheriff’s deputy could have led to deadly consequences, and now he’s out of a job.

Officials say Deputy John Wright was called to investigate a public intoxication complaint in London, but instead of arresting the suspect, he gave the man a ride home.

After being dropped off at home, officials say 52-year-old Michael Kissel got back into his vehicle and drove off, eventually getting into a crash on South Main Street.

One witness who works in the area says he heard the crash and looked outside to see a car fleeing from the crash.

“We hear wrecks out here all the time…This was louder than usual,” said Chris Corum.

Police eventually found Kissel and his car up an adjacent road. They say his vehicle had rear end damage. Kissel was arrested and charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

Kissel reportedly told police he had five alcoholic drinks at lunchtime, according to his arrest citation.

Deputy Wright, who came into contact with Kissel prior to the crash, later resigned. Wright had only been working with the sheriff’s office for about four months, according to sheriff’s office officials.

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