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UPDATE - Local Bell County grad charged with murder in Knoxville

From WRIL -

Roger England - KCJ


A Knox County man admitted he fatally shot a woman during a domestic dispute at their home, according to warrants.

According to the Knox County Sheriff's Office, 25-year-old Kelsey Polk's body was found at a West Knox County home on Missoula Way on Sunday, Jan. 26. 

Authorities arrested Robert Earl England, 33, of Harrogate (formerly of Middlesboro) and charged him with first-degree murder.

England was originally identified by KCSO as Roger England, which the warrants list as an alias for England. WRIL has been contacted by many friends of England's and they have only known him as Roger for most of his life.



A 2005 Bell County graduate has been charged in connection with the death of a woman in Knoxville.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office released information to the media that a woman’s body was found on Sunday, January 27, 2020 at a home in the 12,000 block of Missoula Way. The sheriff’s office has identified the victim as 25 year old Kelsey Polk. Polk had recently moved to Knoxville on January 17, 2020 from Indiana.

The Major Crimes Unit investigators from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office stated that a man that had also recently moved to Knoxville, 33 year old Roger England formerly of Middlesboro, was taken into custody on Monday afternoon around 3:30pm.

England has been implicated in Polk’s death and is facing a first-degree murder charge. He is being held in the Knox County Jail under a $1 million dollar bond.

Investigators have not yet released details as to how England and Polk knew each other or how she died.

Responders transported Kelsey Polk’s body via AMR to the Knox County Medical Examiner's Office, where an autopsy was performed.

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