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Man arrested at Pentagon months ago, now back in custody after harassment and threats

From the Bell County Sheriff's Department -

Charles Lawson - BCDC

At approximately 10pm Monday night September 12, 2019 Bell County Sheriff Deputies Jake Perry and Justin Patterson along with Kentucky State Police Troopers Joey Brigmon and George Howard traveled to a residence on Highway 221. The deputies and officers were responding to the home of 47 year old Charles Lawson.

Lawson had been calling Bell County Dispatch a multitude of times since around 6am harassing dispatchers. Just before 10pm Lawson called so many times that Chief Deputy Doug Jordan obtained a warrant for his arrest.

Deputy Jake Perry states that before the deputies and troopers arrived Lawson threatened to kill dispatchers, Judge Robert Yoakum, and several others.

Once on scene Lawson would not follow verbal commands while the men were trying to place him under arrest and at one point Deputy Perry deployed his taser to bring him under control to be taken into custody.

Charles Lawson was transported to and lodged in the Bell County Detention Center charged with the bench warrant for harassing communications and he was additionally charged with terroristic threatening - 2nd degree. More charges are pending.

He is being held on a $10,500 cash bond.

(mugshot from a previous arrest)

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