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Man jailed over alleged assault, kidnapping in Knox County Ky

From The Mountain Advocate -

Travis Mills - KCDC

A near collision between a Knox County Sheriff’s cruiser and a vehicle along Hubbs Creek Road led to the apprehension of a wanted man early Saturday morning.

Deputy Abner was travelling when a black Chevrolet sedan nearly collided with his police cruiser. While making contact with the Vehicle Abner noticed Travis Mills, 26, inside.

Mills gave the false name “Jamie” when questioned however Abner was already aware of his identity and proceeded to place him under arrest for an outstanding warrant. Deputy Bobby Jones assisted in the arrest during witch Mills attempted to jerk away from the deputies and dropped all his weight to the ground.

Mills was wanted on charges of kidnapping, fourth degree assault, third degree terroristic threatening, and first degree fleeing from police. Between August 15 and 16 he is reported to have beaten and strangled his wife multiple times including when she attempted to flee.

The victim stated that Mills became angry when she would not have sex with him while she was trying to get their child from the residence. Mills allegedly said “she would die before she left him again.” At one point Mills stated the victim could leave but not take the car; he subsequently followed her out and destroyed her phone before grabbing and choking her, saying “he wasn’t going back to jail.”

Mills reportedly wouldn’t allow his wife to leave for three days “so her wounds could heal and he wouldn’t get in trouble.”

The next day Mills went with the victim to get her a new phone. She stated she wanted to take their child to her step-father’s house while on their way back; this led to Mills choking her once again in the car. The victim managed to park the vehicle and fled but was chased down by Mills. Mills is said to have placed two fingers in her mouth and wrapped his thumb under her chin while grabbing her by the pants to carry her back to the car.

The victim managed to dial 911 while riding in the car as the two argued. Dispatch was able to ping the call and send police to intercept. As they drove Mills stated he will “wreck the car and kill both of them if he can’t have her.”

Police followed the vehicle to the residence at Miller Branch Road. Mills fled into the woods upon hearing the sirens and remained on the loose until being apprehended Saturday morning. He was given additional charges of resisting arrest, alcohol intoxication in a public place, and theft of identity. He remains locked up on a $50,000 bond.

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