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Middlesboro firefighter arrested after physical assault incident with his girlfriend - while on duty

From WRIL -

Joshua M. White - BCDC

Monday morning June 27, 2022, at approximately 6:44am, a woman walked into the Middlesboro police station lobby asking to speak to an officer in regard to a physical assault.

Responding to the request was Captain Joe Holder and Officer Bucky Harris. The female victim stated that she had come to visit her boyfriend, 26-year-old Middlesboro Firefighter Joshua M. White, at the fire department. She stated that White assaulted her while he was on duty.

The victim stated that while parked in an alleyway near the fire department, White came out to see her and at one point started yelling and poking her. She claims he then reached into her vehicle and grabbed her by the neck causing her to have trouble breathing. The woman also stated that she was afraid she was going to black out and to fight him off. She told the officers that during the incident, she tried to leave and let her foot off the break almost traveling into the nearby canal and almost hit a dumpster.

White is reported to have let her go but then grabbed her by the hair and tried to retrieve his phone she had in her possession. He then went into the fire station and the victim came across the street to report the incident to the police. Office Harris reported seeing visible marks on the victim's neck.

Officer Harris, along with Captain Holder and Sgt. Kenny Vanover walked over to the fire station and asked White to speak with them at the police station, which he did.

During the interview, White stated he thought the victim was going to drive off after she asked for his phone because she claimed she had something in her eye. That is when, he claimed, he reached into the vehicle to get the phone and that he was being dragged by the car. Officer Harris states that White was seen with marks and scratches on his arms showing that an apparent struggle took place.

Joshua M. White was taken into custody and lodged in the Bell County Detention Center charged with Assault - 4th degree (domestic violence) minor injury and Strangulation - 2nd degree.

While an EPO has been issued protecting the victim, other charges may be pending against White who is set to be arraigned Tuesday morning June 28th.

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