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Pineville Hospital fate comes down to court today

From WRIL -

The fate of the Southeastern Kentucky Medical Center (formerly Pineville Community Hospital) is in the hands of a federal judge today.

The beleaguered facility has struggled to stay afloat for some time and it basically comes down to what will happen today in court.

Mayor Scott Madon and the Pineville City Council have said they will help to keep it open even to the point of risking a significant amount of money on behalf of the city, but the other party involved - former Americore Health LLC CEO Grant White - has not been forthcoming with attempts to right the ship and save the hospital.

Dozens of employees were furloughed last week while continuing not to get paid for close to seven weeks. Some left yesterday after finding out that they would not be paid even though others were given cashier's checks to cover this past weekend's shifts.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services granted the hospital a ten-day stay on their termination of their agreement to try and work through this issue, but that will come to an end this week if there is no resolution.

As soon as a decision is made in bankruptcy court today we will have an update.

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