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Pineville hospital important update

From WRIL -

In regard to the hospital in Pineville, it's possible closing, and both parties returning to the negotiation table today, Mayor Scott Madon has released a statement to WRIL.

"After extensive work today with the bankruptcy courts and the Pineville Medical Center, the facility is working diligently with the city and the courts to complete a transfer of ownership."

Mayor Madon has been very positive about today's progress and is currently limited to that statement at this time.

There has not been a specific timeline set for the transfer to happen, but since this is an everchanging situation, we will be sure to update as soon as we have information.

We have been told that staff was once again reduced at the hospital earlier today, but is still operational. Until the requirements of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services are met and satisfied, as of May 15th the hospital is still unable to take patients with that particular coverage.

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