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Porch pirate arrests in Knox County Ky lead to recovery of stolen items

From the Knox County Ky Sheriff's Department -

Joanna Fee - KCDC

Tuesday morning, August 31, 2021, Knox County Sheriff Mike Smith and deputies were notified of package thefts in the Boone Heights area of Knox County.

The victims had surveillance video of the items being taken from their porch and forwarded screen captures to deputies who recognized the female in the pictures and identified her as Joanna Fee.

The vehicle seen in the video was located a short distance from the victim's residence. Deputies responded to the area and located the truck, then being operated by Fee.

Virgil Mills - KCDC

Once detained, Fee lead deputies to a residence in Stinking Creek where the stolen items were recovered and Virgil Mills of Knox County was arrested.

Mills was identified as the operator of the truck at the time of theft.

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