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Social Security Scam

From Knox County Ky Sheriff Mike Smith -

The Knox County Ky Sheriff’s Department is warning residents about a long running scam that has begun resurfacing lately.

We have received several reports of people being called by someone claiming to be from the Social Security Office.

The caller states that the would-be victim’s social security number has either been compromised or about to be deleted. The caller is then instructed to pay a fee to stop this from happening.

The caller has been reported as being very forceful and very convincing, but be assured that this is a scam and the Social Security Office will never contact you in this manner.

Sheriff Smith reminds you to never give out personal information even if the caller has partial identifying information about you that sounds credible.

If you believe that you have been a victim of this scam, please contact the Sheriff’s Department to make a report at 606-546-3181

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