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Steal cigarettes, get arrested for meth

From WRIL/public records

Early Wednesday morning January 23, 2019 a short time after midnight a man identified as 40 year old Luther Tigue of Middlesboro entered Food City asking cashier Matt Sutton to get a pack of cigarettes.

Once he was handed the cigarettes, Sutton states that Tigue placed them in his pocket and walked out of the store.

911 was then called and the Sutton reported the theft giving a vehicle description of the truck Tigue was in. Middlesboro Officer Nick Capps located the truck at Wal-Mart and then found the man in the store. Upon contact with him, Tigue stated that he forgot to pay for the cigarettes.

A search incident to arrest of Tigue found that he had the EBT benefit card belonging to someone else, a stun gun, and a pocket knife. During a pat down, Officer Capps found in a hoodie pocket a glass pipe and a small bag of a crystal-like substance believed to be Methamphetamine.

Luther Tigue was arrested at 12:45am and lodged in the Bell County Detention center charged with possession of controlled substance 1st degree, 1st offense – Methamphetamine.

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