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Trying to take a Trooper's gun while being arrested

From The Manchester Enterprise -

Anthony Lane Griffin - CCDC

Anthony Lane Griffin, age 36, of Paces Creek Road (Manchester) was arrested after Kentucky State Police Trooper Jarod Smith was sitting at the Garrard Car Wash and noticed Griffin do a burn out going up hill at the mouth of Paces Creek.

Trooper Smith followed him to a residence on Paces Creek Road and Griffin got out of his truck and started cursing the trooper. He took a Roam 22 caliber revolver from his pocket and gave it to his father then handed other items to his wife. He refused to give the officer his license or proof of insurance.

After saying his neighbor was the problem he started going to the neighbors house, then turned on Smith and challenged him to a fight. Due to heavy clothing two taser shots did not slow Griffin down and Trooper Smith took him to the ground and they began rolling on the road. Smith was able to radio for assistance then get control of Griffin’s arms. Griffin continued to attempt to gain control of the trooper’s firearm but a neighbor and Griffin’s wife assisted Smith in the arrest. Once he was in the cruiser there were no further issues.

Griffin was booked into Clay County Detention Center February 28 , 2019 and charged with reckless driving, carrying a concealed weapon, disorderly conduct (second degree), resisting arrest, failure to wear seat belts and menacing.

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