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Update - police pursuit from Knox to Bell County leads to a Speedwell Tennessee man's arrest

Updated: May 5, 2021

From WRIL -

On Wednesday night April 28, 2021, a short time before 10:40 pm WRIL reported a police pursuit began in Knox County with a KSP Trooper, traveled into Bell County, through Pineville into Middlesboro, and ended at the Cumberland Gap Tunnel.

Other law enforcement units, including Bell County Sgt. Patrick Brooks and Deputy Jake Perry, were involved in the pursuit which started a short time after Kentucky State Police Trooper George Howard was completing a previous traffic stop on a vehicle near the Knox County/Bell County line on Highway 25E southbound.

Another vehicle, driven by 69-year-old Grover Williamson of Speedwell Tennessee, pulled to the shoulder of the road and within a foot or so from the rear of Trooper Howard's vehicle. The trooper states that Williamson then backed up and continued back onto Highway 25E headed south.

After attempting a traffic stop on Williamson, Trooper Howard requested assistance from KSP dispatch for tire deflation approval and Trooper Josh Messer then deployed the device causing three tires to puncture on Williamson's vehicle. Williamson pulled to the shoulder long enough for Trooper Howard to stop, approach him, attempt to remove him from the vehicle, and then have Williamson try to punch the trooper.

Then, with three blown tires, Williamson continued down Highway 25E at a much slower speed seen by several people who told us they saw the vehicle being pursued with flat tires as it traveled by Walmart in Middlesboro.

Williamson was finally stopped close to the entrance of the Cumberland Gap Tunnel and resisted arrest while being removed from the vehicle. He tried several times to hit the officers while being taken into custody.

Grover Williamson was then lodged in the Bell County Detention Center charged with fleeing or evading police - 1st degree (motor vehicle), wanton endangerment - 1st degree (police officer), resisting arrest, menacing, and reckless driving. No reason was mentioned for his behavior.

Middlesboro Police also assisted with traffic control.

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