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Updated info on deputy resigning

From The News Journal

Claude Hudson - The News Journal

In the midst of his suspension from duty, Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy Claude Hudson has resigned.

“He’s no longer with the department as of January 30,” said Sheriff Mike Smith, who confirmed Hudson resigned.

Hudson was placed on suspension from duty on December 30, 2018 after the Sheriff’s Office was notified that a criminal complaint was filed against him in Jackson County. Kentucky State Police confirmed an open investigation is being conducted but have not said what exactly they are investigating.

A Jackson County Family Court judge then ordered an interpersonal protective order (IPO) against Hudson on January 8. Hudson has since then returned to family court for an additional hearing.

“He appeared before the family court judge for his domestic case and nothing has changed there,” confirmed the Jackson County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office last week.

When asked if an emergency protective order would prohibit a police officer from serving and result in a resignation, County Attorney Gilbert Holland replied, “That’s kind of questionable. An EPO is temporary and one sided.”

Holland said the only stipulation he knew of was that a person with an active EPO against them cannot have a firearm. Holland noted this wouldn’t have to result in resignation, though. The person could simply be moved to a different position within the department until the matter was resolved in court.

KSP has still not released any details on this case despite multiple phone calls and emails requesting more information. The Jackson County Grand Jury did not meet in February, so if any indictments are to be returned against Hudson, it will be March at the earliest.

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