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Urgent scam notice

From the Bell County Sheriff's Department -

From the Bell County Sheriff's Department

In recent days, The Bell County Dispatch and the Sheriff's Department have fielded numerous calls about an old scam making it's rounds again.

The would-be victim is told their Social Security number has been either used fraudulently or that it is due to expire. Sheriff Mitch Williams states that the Social Security Administration will NOT call you in regard to these matters. Even if the caller has extremely convincing information, do not engage them, simply hang up. The numbers the scammer are calling from are spoofed and untraceable.

The other scam happens around this time of year in regard to taxes. The caller claims they are from the Internal Revenue Service and states that you have overdue or non-paid tax debt and "unless you contact this number a warrant will be issued for your arrest." Again, the IRS will NOT call anyone this way attempting to collect a debt. Don't engage, don't give out financial information, and just hang up.

If you feel you have been a victim of a scam of this nature, please feel free to report it to the Bell County Sheriff's Department by calling 606-337-3102. If outside the Bell County area, call your local law enforcement.

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