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Judge and Mayors sign Executive Order reflecting COVID-19 changes to the area

From WRIL -

As we reported, On Friday April 3, 2020 a cooperative effort will be made in reducing the threat of the coronavirus in the Bell County area.

At 4:00pm Bell County Judge Executive Albey Brock, Middlesboro Mayor Rick Nelson and Pineville Mayor Scott Madon will be signing a joint Executive Order that will require only one person per household in any and all stores county wide. This order goes into effect at 12:00pm Saturday April 4th.

The executive order reads:

"The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a highly infectious respiratory disease that can have very serious consequences, including illness resulting in death. Many cases of COVID – 19 have been confirmed in the Commonwealth over the past several weeks.

Governor Andy Beshear declared a State of Emergency on March 6, 2020. A local Declaration of Emergency was issued for Middlesboro on March 30, 2020. To help protect our community from the spread of COVID-19, Kentuckians, including those who are citizens of Middlesboro, have been encouraged to remain Healthy at Home.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Kentucky Department of Public Health have recommended that everyone practice social distancing, meaning staying home when possible and otherwise maintaining six feet of distance from other individuals. Where people congregate unnecessarily, or fail to follow adequate social distancing practices, they are spreading the disease and escalating an emergency situation.

KRS Chapter 39A empowers the Mayor to exercise all powers necessary to promote and secure the safety and protection of the population while this emergency situation continues. There have been past instances where shopping behavior has created situations where appropriate social distancing has not been maintained.

In order to insure that proper social distancing is maintained, and to insure that the public is adequately protected, I now issue the following order:

· The retail life-sustaining businesses that remain open shall develop policies to insure that adequate social distancing is being maintained.

· The number of shoppers being allowed to enter businesses shall be limited to one adult member per household.

· All shoppers allowed into a retail business to shop shall maintain a distance of six feet from all other individuals and shall complete their shopping as quickly as practicable."

This order is made pursuant to the authority set forth in KRS 39A.100, but shall be subject to any order issued by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Dated this the 3rd day of April, 2020.

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