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Kentucky nursing home COVID-19 cases

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

From WRIL -

After being contacted by multiple individuals regarding the possibility of COVID-19 cases at a Laurel County nursing home, we contacted Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear's office. We asked about the nursing home in question and were given this response from Sebastian Kitchen press secretary:

"I do not have an updated list for today right now, but below is the list we shared with some media outlets who requested them yesterday (Friday, Aprill 11, 2020). I do not see that facility on there, but there have been additions each of the last few days.

Note: When a staff member tests positive that does not mean they have been back in the facility since they tested positive. Information below is based on yesterday’s update."

Here is that list:

One staff, no residents

  1. Kingsbrook, Boyd County

  2. Heritage, Whitley

  3. Fair Oaks, Russell

  4. Presbyterian Homes- Helmwood, Hardin

Two staff, no residents

  1. Parkview, McCracken County

  2. Mills Manor, Graves

One resident

  1. Gateway, Boone

  2. Hillside Villa, Hopkins

  3. Lorretto Mother House, Marion

  4. Oaklawn, Jefferson

One resident, one staff

  1. Henderson Nurs & Rehab, Henderson

  2. Madonna Manor, Kenton

Facilities with multiple cases

  1. Masonic Home Louisville, Jefferson: 5 residents; 3 staff

  2. Grant Manor, Grant; 2 residents

  3. Morgantown, Butler: 8 residents; 1 staff

  4. Jackson Manor, Jackson: 3 residents; 1 staff

One resident, one death

  1. Park Terrace, Jefferson

Facilities with multiple cases and deaths

  1. Coldspring, Campbell: 10 residents; 1 death: 3 staff

  2. Rosedale Green, Kenton: 12 residents; 4 deaths; 5 staff

  3. River's Bend Asst. Living, Lyon: 6 residents; 1 death; 3 staff

  4. Ridgewood, Hopkins: 4 residents; 2 deaths; 5 staff

  5. Treyton Oak Towers, Jefferson: 21 residents: 5 deaths; 8 staff

  6. Nazareth, Jefferson: 2 residents; 1 death; 1 staff

  7. Summit Manor, Adair: 24 residents; 1 death; 8 staff

Only pending tests

  1. Countryside, Carlisle

  2. Jefferson Place, Jefferson

Additional note: If you have credible information contrary to this report, please contact Brian O'Brien at

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