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Middlesboro man jumps bail and continues to deal drugs while awaiting sentencing for prior dealing

From WRIL -

Anthony Lumpkin - BCDC

On Tuesday, January 4, 2022, at approximately 7:23pm a Middlesboro man recently arrested for drug trafficking was once a gain charged with dealing after a search warrant was executed at a Parker Lane residence.

47-year-old Anthony Lumpkin had been on home incarceration via an ankle monitor prior to sentencing on past drug charges. Lumpkin cut off the monitor days before final sentencing on drug charges he plead guilty to, netting him 15 years. It was discovered that he was staying at the home rented by 34-year-old Amanda Brooks also of Middlesboro.

After announcing their presence and making entry to the residence, Middlesboro Police found Lumpkin and Brooks in the bedroom of the home. Lumpkin was placed under arrest for his warrants without incident and a search of the house yielded a large quantity of meth, pills, marijuana, distribution bags, several digital scales, a used meth pipe and money believed to be the profits from the sale of drugs.

Anthony Lumpkin was lodged in the Bell County Detention Center charged with (2) two counts of bail jumping, trafficking in controlled substance - 2nd degree, 1st offense less than 10 dosage units Sch 1 & 2, trafficking in controlled substance - 1st degree , 2nd offense greater than 2 grams (Methamphetamine), trafficking in controlled substance - less than 10 dosage units Sch 1 & 2 (drug unspecified), (2) two counts - trafficking in controlled substance - 3rd degree, 2nd offense less than 20 dosage units (drug unspecified), buying/possessing drug paraphernalia, and he was served four bench warrants for court with no bond.

Amanda Brooks was cited to court for possession of Methamphetamine.

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